Editor’s Note:

    Well, fellow Dio fans,

    What can one say…Ronnie lost his final battle with stomach cancer May 16th 2010 at 7:45 AM. Though the world has lost a charismatic man, a powerful voice and a good friend to many, his music lives on in the hearts of his fans.

    Not only was he an iconic metal vocalist, song writer  and musician, but my own fondest memories of the man were those recognized by many others as well. His sense of humor was one of both sharp wit and that of sheer fun. I was most amazed by his uncanny memory. From the first time I met him back in ’88 he always recognized me, remembered my name and previous venues we had met as the years passed. Though, for me, the most cherished memory I have of this talented and genuine man, was that of his ability to tell a tale.

    So, remember him in your own way, for your own reasons. Enjoy the passion and companionship of your fellow fans. And keep sharing those stories of your own meeting of the man, sadly no longer with us.

    Ronnie shall be missed, loved and never forgotten. Keep enjoying the music \m/

    Enjoy & All The Best,